Habits that took a lifetime to create don't change overnight. Coaching programs are designed to give you knowledge and support to make the changes you desire. There are a variety of options, from one hour to 6-months. Many include testing so we are not playing guessing games as to what is right for YOUR unique physiology. Advanced integration techniques (NLP & EFT) make change easier. Together we will tackle your biggest challenges, answer your deepest questions, and come up with solutions that will give you the health and life you desire.

Preliminary Consultation

Price: $45.00

Schedule a preliminary consultation

A consultation is a good starting place for those seeking solutions and not sure of their options--or best course of action. I will draw from my wide breadth of knowledge as well as your particular situation to help you develop a plan that will give you the results you seek. My goal is to empower you with knowledge and resources so you can make the best decisions available to you. (45 minutes)

You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule a time and day that will work for you.


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