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Kick Asthma® Naturally Home Education Kit

Price: $97.00

Kick Asthma® Naturally Home Education Kit

No matter what triggers your asthma, whether it's exercise-induced, or allergy induced, clinical trials report that the average asthmatic comes off of 90% of their bronchodilators within three weeks of taking the course. After three months of using the program the typical asthmatic was able to reduce their steroids by 49% and their bronchodilators by 96%.

You will learn:

  1. What asthma is, the physiology of asthma, how to recognize an asthma attack, and how to identify and mitigate triggers.
  2. Types of asthma medications and their correct usage per NIH Guidelines.
  3. The Buteyko Breathing Exercises
  • how to measure their health and likelihood of asthma
  • how to stop an asthma attack without inhalers
  • how to identify and stop hyperventilation attacks
  • how to exercise with asthma
  • what to do in the case of cold or flu
  • the effect of diet and nutrition on asthma

How Does The Buteyko Method Work?Asthmatics Overbreathe
Asthmatics overbreathe. That means breathing heavily, rapidly or through the mouth when there is no need for it. Often hyperventilation occurs unconsciously, resulting in irritation, inflammation and constriction of the airways.

Multiple studies have shown that on average, asthmatics breathe two to three times more air than people without asthma. Asthmatics tend to breathe through their mouths instead of their noses, and also at a higher than normal breathing rate. On average, asthmatics are breathing 12 to 14 liters of air a minute instead of the typical 4 to 6 liters of air a minute.

Overbreathing Creates Health Problems
Overbreathing can be compared to overeating—if you eat two to three times a day more than you need to, you are going to have health problems. Consider that you can live for a month without food but only minutes without air. Of the two, breathing is obviously of greater importance and breathing two to three times in excess of your body's needs will also create health problems.

Asthma Is NOT A Disease.

Asthma Is Your Body's Natural Defense Against Chronic Over-Breathing.

It's difficult to enjoy life when you feel short of breath, or worse yet, like you're suffocating.

It's frustrating to be given limited options for asthma treatment like a lifetime dependence on medications (with harmful side effects that may stabilize your asthma but never reverse it) or impossibly strict trigger avoidance (that only the superhuman could attain).

Luckily, there is an alternative.

The Kick Asthma® program is a series of safe, simple, and effective breathing exercises which target the cause of asthma instead of treating it with symptom suppression.

You'll have less asthma and will need fewer drugs to stay in control by combining the Kick Asthma® breathing exercises with proper medication usage.

In the Kick Asthma® Naturally home education kit you will learn:

  • What asthma is
  • The cause and physiology of asthma
  • What makes asthma worse
  • Factors which improve asthma naturally
  • How to stop an asthma attack without medication
  • How to exercise and stay asthma-free
  • Important information about your asthma medications
  • How to work with your doctor to reduce asthma medications while gaining better control
  • How to manage your stress and related problems
  • The Buteyko Method breathing exercises
  • Plus much, much more

The Kick Asthma® Naturally home education kit includes a professionally produced 56-minute DVD, a 32-page manual and a workbook. The kit was designed to teach you everything you need in order to learn the program and achieve lasting results.

Safety is the first priority of this home education kit. Do not make any changes to your prescription medication without first consulting your doctor.

Linda’s note:

I discovered this program 7 years ago when I was taking care of a 5 year old boy who had been to the ER nearly every month of his life due to asthma related problems. When he came to me I scoured the internet looking for all of the information I could find on asthma. I found nothing I did not already know (which was only what I had learned in anatomy and physiology), and nothing I could use to break the cycle of repeated asthma attacks and dependence on medications—that were not even helping.

Someone mention the Kick Asthma program to me and I ordered it on blind faith. It was exactly what I had been looking for! It explained the mechanism behind asthma that I hadn’t seen anywhere else, and it made perfect sense. The exercises outlined in the program were logical, reasonable, and doable.

The exercises we used were the ones specifically for children. They were easy, and we made them fun. From that point forward, there was only ever one more trip to the ER. He is now a healthy active pre-teen, involved in sports and has no more asthma symptoms.


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